Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wagon Wheel Chili

Savory Sweet and Satisfying: Wagon Wheel Chili

This chili dish is not only delicious but easy to make and comes together quickly. It makes a great lunch because of that.

The original recipe calls for wagon wheel pasta and as you can tell from my picture I did not use it. I sometimes have trouble finding it in the grocery stores. If you can not find it use what ever fun shape you would like.

Wagon Wheel Chili
12 ounces wagon wheel pasta
2- 15 ounce cans low sodium chili
2- 8 ounce cans no salt added tomato sauce
6 tablespoons ketchup
1 teaspoon chili powder
cheddar cheese, shredded

Cook pasta according to package directions and drain.

In a large saucepan combine the chili, tomato sauce, ketchup and chili powder. Heat through. Stir in pasta. Serve and garnish with cheese.


Serves: 6
Calories: 405
Total Fat: 9g
   Saturated: 3.7g
   Polyunsaturated: 0.1g
   Monounsaturated: 0.1g
   Trans: 0g
Cholesterol: 30mg
Sodium: 714.2mg
Potassium: 193.2mg
Total Carbs: 60.9g
   Dietary Fiber: 7.9g
   Sugars: 11.5g
Protein: 19.2g
Vitamin A: 27.6%
Vitamin C: 7.2%
Calcium: 11.1%
Iron: 23.4%
*The nutritional information will vary slightly depending on the brands you use.
*Adapted from Taste of Home's 5 Ingredient cookbook.

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